The Dark Origins of a Frame Shop

The first time I heard of Tadporters, I half-expected it to be run by the eponymous Tad Porter. A lot of our customers do, too. Some don’t even question it; they insist they once spoke with Tad.

Since I was applying for a job here, I did some googling to gauge whether the owner preferred Tad or Mr.Porter. I found he prefers neither. “Mike” is probably more appropriate.

In full disclosure, if you try to clear up the murkiness shrouding “Tadporters,” you will certainly uncover darkness. Once you get close, the writing is on the wall. Literally.

Taddy Porter

A bottle of Taddy Porter hangs prominently on the wall in the Tadporters design room. And that’s that. The not-so-dark mystery of Tadporters is merely a dark beer.

Long story short, Mike had a band (a barbershop quartet) back in the 1940s and drank enough Taddy Porter that his bandmates (barbershop quartetmates) started calling him Taddy Porter. “You are what you eat”- apparently still true when beer is your sustenance.

Crunch Taddy Porter down into something brand new, Tadporters, and what’s left is a memorable, unusual name. It’s a little catchier than, say “Mike’s Place.” And so concludes this chapter of Tadporters.

But that still doesn’t solve the ambiguity around the name Michael Johnson.

Michael Johnson was, after all, the alias of Crispus Attucks, killed in the Boston Massacre and remembered as the first martyr of the American Revolution.

If you click this link, you’ll find a number of people with wikipedia pages: record-setting athletes, at least four musicians, a U.S. senator, and many others who all suspiciously have ties to our so-called owner’s name.

Michael Johnson

“Gilded” shoes, huh? We do have a LOT of gold frames in here… Perhaps the mystery has only just begun…

*Note- Some of this information may or may not be entirely fabricated. For instance, Mike had a band in the 1840s, not the 1940s.

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